NBA Fans Can Help End the Lockout and Bring Back Basketball #StandUnited

After a seven-hour meeting today at a hotel in New York City, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of the first two weeks of the NBA regular season. Although the sides gathered on two consecutive days, they could not agree on a new framework of a CBA.

What this really says—not just to the greater public, but to the percentage of the populace that actually cares about there being an NBA season—is simply that we may lose a large part of the season. There is no denying it at this point—we are going to miss some games. Gone are the days of wishful thinking where we could just deny the existence of the lockout and pretend the season would start on time. Fans can no longer mechanize themselves to believe that things will work out, because they clearly aren't.

The owners and the players are nowhere close to making a deal about how to split the revenue—revenue that is generated through us, the fans. The fans are the ones that generate the value for the entire league. For without us, there is no league. The fans bring the intrinsic meaning and economic motivation that drives the league to do what it does. The entire system is based on a single linchpin, and that is us.

So. Since we are the ones suffering the most from the NBA lockout, is there anything we can do to even make a difference? Is there any way that we can have our voices heard? While the players and the owners argue over the semantics of a new CBA, is there anything that a single fan can do to help speed up the process? The answer is yes.

I have below, an image—an image that has spread like wildfire through the Internet in the past few hours. Garnering nearly 95,000 Twitpic views in just over six hour's time and hundreds of likes, shares and comments on various Facebook pages. An amazing feat, when you consider the small roots that it began from. I posted this image to my small fanbase of ab...

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