NBA 1949 to 2011: Jordan, Jabbar, Wilt, LeBron and the New All-Time Greats

It is hard not to get caught up in the hype when you are a modern basketball fan; even for me, but here I do not get caught in the hype.

Why should I? I have been watching the NBA since 1989 and I intensely studied the legends of the past to a great degree, and in my expert opinion, the NBA indeed used to be better. The NBA had better shooters and more professional athletes. There is something to be said about going to college, even though it is hard to see as of 2011.

As each year passes, new NBA fans assign the new season as the best, but it just isn't. I truly, and deep down, know that the NBA was once better. That does not mean some current greats aren't on my no-hype all-time greatest players ever list.

Am I afraid to not pick someone that the hype of today wants me to? No way. I do not go by trendy opinions, I go by solid reason.

Here are the 51 greatest individual players in NBA history.

P.S.—I picked them going by who I would pick to start a team with no stars except one (top 50).

Just missed top 51: Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Mark Aguirre, Adrian Dantley 

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