Must-Win Games Remaining on LA Lakers’ Schedule

As the Los Angeles Lakers continue to fight for a playoff berth before season’s end, the must-win games remaining on their schedule are obvious. All 22 contests remaining need to be considered must-win games for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Despite that, the chances the Lakers finish the year 22-0 after an incredibly mediocre 30-30 start are slim to none. It’s unrealistic to think that the Lakers will suddenly rattle off a league-best win streak even though they’ve posted a respectable 7-3 mark in their past 10 games.

So while every game remaining on the Lakers’ schedule is a must-win, a handful of games can be seen as more important than others.

The Lakers remain in an uphill fight for a playoff spot, but winning the following games would make attaining a postseason seed that much easier.

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