Most Disappointing Draft Picks in LA Lakers’ Recent History

Making a list of most disappointing draft picks is entirely subjective and fraught with peril. One man’s prize is another man’s poison.

It’s also worth stating that each of the guys on this list was good enough to actually make it to the NBA, if only for a brief, shining moment. They were the best of their peers at one point, before getting cast back into the basketball sea by the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s a harsh, harsh world.

Also, this is not a definitive all-time historical review—it’s just too tedious to clear away all the dusty cobwebs and analyze grainy newsreel footage from a bygone era.

That said, it’s hard not to mention a player by the name of Mel Gibson, who was drafted in the second round by the Lakers in 1963 and played all of nine games in his NBA career, amassing a grand total of 13 points. The former guard has no relationship to the former movie star.

Or how about Harvey Knuckles, who was the No. 39 pick by Los Angeles in 1981 but never played in the NBA? The forward did, however, play overseas until the ripe old age of 50!

But for the sake of this entirely subjective list of the most disappointing Lakers draft picks in recent history, all of the players could still conceivably be playing roundball somewhere, and in many cases, still are.

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