Mitch Kupchak’s Most Notable Quotes from First Lakers Preseason Press Conference

Mitch Kupchak has spoken. 

The Los Angeles Lakers general manager held his first press conference of the 2013-14 season, and as you might expect, there was no shortage of memorable quotes on all sorts of topics. 

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Kupchak had to speak about Kobe Bryant's injury right off the bat. After all, that's the central focus in Tinseltown right now, as everyone waits with bated breath to see if the Mamba's Achilles will be in working order by opening night. 

But do you seriously think that's all he said about one of the most popular players in basketball? Don't worry, there's more. 

This is strange for the Lake Show, but the next biggest concern isn't actually the upcoming season. 

Instead, it seems like everyone is looking ahead to the 2014 offseason and completely writing off 2013-14 as a lost cause. It's an afterthought compared to what could happen in the future. And further evidence for that was provided when Kupchak discussed that next fateful summer. 

Well, the GM certainly isn't wrong on any of those fronts. 

There's no way that Kobe would ever go for a strategy that revolved around tanking. He'd greet any such suggestion with either a death stare or a derisive fit of laughter. 

The 2014 draft class is also quite stacked—to a historical extent, perhaps—and there's plenty of talent beyond the No. 1 pick. While Andrew Wiggins is viewed as a generational talent, there are potential franchise studs littered throughout the lottery portion of most mock drafts. 

But of course, not everything looked past the 2013-14 season in its entirety. Kupchak did spend some time analyzing the upcoming campaign, starting with a certain polarizing figure who holds a clipboard on the sideline. 

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