Mike D’Antoni Should Leave NBA and Reinvent Himself at College Hoops Level

With rumored interest from his alma mater, dysfunction in his current situation and a second loss to the worst team in the NBA, there's never been a better time for Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni to consider taking his talents to the college ranks.

That isn't analysis, either. Just a recognition of the sign delivered by the basketball gods, the one adorned in flashing lights and stretching every bit as high as those fruitless billboards to keep Dwight Howard in Hollywood last summer.

D'Antoni's rocky relationship with the Lakers grew even rockier after Thursday's 108-105 loss to the 14-58 Milwaukee Bucks, which gave the best unintentional tankers the basketball world has ever seen a season sweep over this once-proud franchise.

It would be nice to call this the low point—both for D'Antoni and the Lakers—but it's impossible to chose just one. The 2013-14 campaign has been that brutal in L.A.

The 2014-15 season could be equally uplifting for the coach, if he seizes this opportunity and regains control of his coaching career.


A Sinking Ship and a Life Preserver

D'Antoni has one guaranteed year left on his contract, but this failed experiment needs to end sooner than later.

By all accounts, it will.

Hobbled Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant reportedly has "no interest" in spending another season under D'Antoni, sources told Sean Deveney of Sporting News. Both Bryant and former Laker great Magic Johnson ripped the franchise for letting its old coach (and current New York Knicks president) Phil Jackson slip out of its hands, via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times.

Chris Kaman, who started Thursday night's debacle, reportedly "hasn't spoken to Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni in three weeks," per ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin.

There's dysfunction and then there's the 2013-14 Lakers, a grotesque gr...

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