Mike D’Antoni Has Closed-Door Meeting with GM Mitch Kupchak After Loss to Sixers

Mike D'Antoni could be in trouble.

The Los Angeles Lakers head coach had the type of pow wow that usually means controversy's afoot following a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, per Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding:

Something tells me Mitch Kupchak and Magic Mike weren't exchanging belated Christmas pleasantries.

Closed-door affairs are typically harbingers of doom and dysfunction. Teams that have held such meetings this season include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. 

Those organizations aren't currently the poster franchises for stability, in case you haven't noticed. All three of them are at least 10 games under .500, outside the baseborn Eastern Conference's playoff bubble and sitting on the panic button.

This situation is different, of course. Only Kupchak and D'Antoni met together, so perhaps the Lakers, who are 13-18 on the season, aren't ready to panic. But that doesn't mean all is well or D'Antoni's job safe.

Los Angeles has lost five straight, the last two of which came against the tanking Utah Jazz and Sixers, who account for two of the league's four worst records.

"I don't know what our problem is, but we were out of sorts a little bit," D'Antoni said after Los Angeles' loss to Philly, via Lakers Nation's Serena Winters. "We have guys battling, but it's just not enough right now."

Words worthy of termination, right? 

Slow down. 

Failure to provide answers normally precedes a stay in unemployment, but the Lakers are in a unique situation. They're not healthy, or even close to healthy. Or even in the same area code as healthy.

Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Steve Blake are all recovering from serious injuries, and Pau Gasol missed each of the team's last two games while tending to an upper respiratory infection.

It's not like Chris Kaman has been a bundle o...

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