Mike D’Antoni Can Bring Showtime Back to the Lakers, but Can He Win a Title?

Mike Brown was never really a good fit as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, and it should come as no surprise that the team decided to sever ties with Brown on Friday.

Brown did lead the Lakers to a second round defeat against Oklahoma City in the 2012 NBA Playoffs in his first season as head coach, and along the way Brown proved that he was inept when it came to roster rotations, he had no concept of late game management, and his offense lacked any imagination.

Sadly, Brown didn't even have his overrated defensive reputation to fall back on since opponents started chipping away at his defensive myth last season, and caved in the entire wall through the first five games of this season.

Making the decision to fire Brown must have been easy for the Buss family and general manager Mitch Kupchak, but finding the right replacement will be a little more difficult, and a lot more important than Brown's eventual destiny.

According to Ramona Shelbourne at ESPN.com, the Lakers have a short list of four or five names right now and one of those potential coaches just happens to be new Lakers guard Steve Nash's old coach in Phoenix, Mike D'Antoni.

The possibility of re-uniting Nash and D'Antoni is intriguing, and the Lakers offense would likely speed up a bit and the points would be plentiful, but that's where the benefits of a D'Antoni-coached team end.

The Lakers would be more exciting, entertaining and they might even win enough games to cause some fans to draw comparisons to the famed Showtime era of the 80's.

But that fantasy would end when the realization dawns that the Lakers under D'Antoni might be even worse defensively, and especially in the postseason where it counts.

Part of the reason that Brown was eventually axed was because he chose to focus most of his attention on the Lakers Princeton-style offense, instead of m...

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