Mike D’Antoni Calls Robert Sacre Los Angeles Lakers’ ‘Best Defensive Player’

Robert Sacre is the best celebrator on the Los Angeles Lakers roster, though the midseason acquisition of Kent Bazemore no longer allows him to enjoy that status without fear of losing his title. 

But that's not the only superlative being bestowed upon the second-year big man from Gonzaga: 


It's not like the Los Angeles Lakers—who, according to Basketball-Reference, have allowed so many points that they rank just No. 25 in defensive rating—have many stellar options. But Sacre? 

82games.com shows that the 7-footer has allowed opposing centers to post a 19.2 player efficiency rating against him throughout the 2013-14 campaign, and it's not like the other leading metrics paint him in a more favorable light. 

The Lakers allow an additional 0.3 points per 100 possessions when he's on the court, which is better than Jordan Hill's on-court/off-court split but pales in comparison to the numbers posted by Chris Kaman.

Need more information? Don't worry because it's still coming. 

NBA.com's SportVU data reveals he's not exactly a stellar rim protector, though he's been solid in limited action. Here are his numbers compared to the other two big men in question: 

Player FGA per Game Faced at Rim FG% Allowed at Rim Robert Sacre 4.4 43.5 Jordan Hill 5.3 51.1 Chris Kaman 6.1 43.2 If numbers aren't enough for you, there's also this:

Even the best defenders get posterized every once in a while, but it's not like Sacre has put together a highlight reel of great defensive plays. Then again, he's had his praises sung throughout the 2013-14 season and actually does pass the eye test as the best point-preventing big on the roster. 

That eye test doesn't treat Kaman well, as he displays virtually no effort on the less glamorous end of the court and routinely makes some...

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