Mike Brown: Why Brown Is Worst Possible Choice for LA Lakers Job

In the NBA, there is often a stark difference between a good NBA coach and the right NBA coach for your team.

I always thought that Larry Brown was a good NBA coach, but never the right coach for the New York Knicks. It didn’t fit.

I feel the same way about Mike Brown.

As the Lakers begin to narrow their coaching search, the buzz is out that Mike Brown, the former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, is on the radar of Lakers brass. It’s not that Mike Brown isn’t a good coach, but it’s about whether or not Mike Brown is the right coach.

Certain jobs in life require certain managers. Effectively, that’s what a head coach is. He’s the manager of people.

I have mentioned before that prior to my new gig I used to work for Walgreens. In my time, I had seen 30 to 40 different assistant managers and three different store managers. Each one with their own personality and their own way of doing things and managing us.

My store was filled with employees who had a ton of seniority. They had been there for years and would be there for years after the new manager moved on or quit. So, when a manager came in and tried to micro-manage my store, they were chewed up and spit out accordingly. Life was never easy for them.

The same came when hot shot kids out of college (completely disillusioned by what a marketing degree actually brought them) thought they understood how to do a job better than those who had been there for 10 years.

Those people: chewed up, spit out.

NBA coaches are no different and the Lakers need to keep that in mind. It’s important to understand who Mike Brown was and what the expectation is in LA.

Brown made his name off of managing LeBron James, which is to say he made his name off of having to bend to the will of a spoiled superstar. His teams were largely successful, though never achieving an NBA title. You can...

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