Metta World Peace of Shhh: Los Angeles Lakers Forward Is a Disgrace

Ron Artest (as I will only address him) is a good basketball player.

He has made great contributions for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially when they won the NBA Championship in 2010 against the Boston Celtics. His star teammate, Kobe Bryant, praises him for what he brings to his team.


This man continues to prove to everyone that he has no respect for the game or the people he plays it with.

The elbow he threw on Oklahoma City guard and Sixth Man of the Year, James Harden, was utterly ridiculous. Other words that come to mind: classless, vicious, brutal and most importantly: shameful.

Unfortunately though, Artest has no shame. His explanation for his celebration and blow to Harden's head was just downright disrespectful. Still unfortunately, he didn't even have the civility to reach out to Harden and apologize. If it was such an unfortunate accident, why the hell didn't you show any remorse?

I wish it stopped here, but it doesn't.

Artest went as far as to try to belittle the former Arizona State Sun Devil. Via a tweet from Janis Carr of the Orange County Register, he said: "I don't shake substitutions' hands."

Really, Ron? Or did you mean to say that you don't shake hands with those that are better basketball players than you?

Artest even had another 'bow for Harden in Game 1 against the Thunder, though thankfully it was nothing compared to his charade on April 22nd.

You may not care, but Ron, I am embarrassed for you. 

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