Making Sense of LA Lakers’ Front-Line Rotation

The Los Angeles Lakers have a revolving door of front-line players, and it’ll be interesting to figure out how the team will utilize them.

New head coach Byron Scott will have a lot of depth at power forward, which could end up being a good problem. Scott can play a pair of them at the same time or use a traditional lineup featuring a center. Determining the roles and minutes for each of his interior players won't necessarily be an easy task.

Here are the names of the Lakers’ power forwards and centers heading into the 2014-15 season:

Where does that now leave the Lakers?



Based on Scott’s track record, it seems like a good bet to assume the Lakers will start two traditional big men. He’s always relied on either a pair of power forwards or a tandem featuring a center.

Interestingly enough, Los Angeles accumulated interior players before even agreeing to terms with Scott, which isn’t an accident or coincidence. InsideSoCal's Mark Medina explains: “They then wanted to fill out their roster this month during free agency to allow the personnel to dictate which coaching style they would prefer.” 

Because we know the Lakers will play “big,” we can project who will start based on talent and fit. The first domino is Hill. He can play as a power forward or center because of his strength and length.

At 6’10’’, Hill is a strong rebounder as evidenced by his 11.7 career boards per 36 minutes. In addition, he can be trusted around the elbows and farther out on the court to facilitate for his teammates with screens and ball movement, but Hill’s not much of threat beyond the paint. He should be confined offensively to the basket area, where he's always a threat to catch and finish.

Defensively, Hill is perhaps t...

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