Magic Johnson Says Lakers Are Done in NBA Playoffs, Fate Seems to Agree

Well, that could have gone better. 

Magic Johnson, a Lakers legend and former minority owner of the franchise, has given up on the Purple and Gold. He has finally come to his stop on a horrible route and is asking the bandwagon to come to a halt. 

At least, that is what we take from these tweets that serve to end the Lakers season far more than the Spurs ever could. 

There you have it, from a man who knows a thing or two about playoff basketball. The Lakers are doing their best to limp to a respectable win in the postseason but have so far been unsuccessful. 

Coming in with the knowledge that Kobe Bryant would be sidelined with a season-ending injury, the Lakers have also had to deal with nagging injuries to Steve Nash and Jodie Meeks and now have to manage without Steve Blake. 

Perhaps that high-octane Mike D'Antoni offense wasn't such a great idea. 

For those paying attention to far more competitive series, the Lakers are down two games to the Spurs, with Game 3 looming Friday in Los Angeles. 

Lakers fans hope a little home cooking might help. I would agree, if that cooking somehow features miracle elixir that will heal a bevy of injuries. 

This is all to say a season that was supposed to play out far differently will more than likely end with a giant and underwhelming thud. 

ESPN's Brian Kamenetzky had some rather interesting predictions for this team back in October. He took a cautious approach for a star-studded team everyone assumed would be a major threat for the title. 

While prognosticating their fair share of injuries, the Lakers reporter still saw it the same way as most, with the Lakers challenging for the Western Conference crown. 

Only a few short weeks later, Mike Brown would be fired. D'Antoni would be hired and we would all embark on a ...

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