Magic Johnson Requests Lakers to Remove Honorary Title of VP

Magic Johnson will reportedly no longer be the honorary vice president of the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to, Johnson requested that the team eliminate the title and "his name from the staff directory."

Marc J. Spears of ESPN's The Undefeated shared a statement from team spokesman John Black regarding the decision and the team's desire to clarify that Johnson's "opinions, comments and social media posts are solely his and do not represent or reflect those of Lakers ownership or management": pointed out the former point guard "sold his ownership stake in the Lakers in 2010," although Johnson "has been known to tweet about other players, particularly free agents, which did not always sit well with others around the league."

Johnson recently suggested the Lakers go after former MVP Kevin Durant, who will likely be the most highly sought-after player on the market in the offseason, in one of those social media posts:

Johnson even thought it would be worth the time for the Lakers to pursue LeBron James in case the four-time MVP doesn't want to remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers next season:

The tweets may seem harmless, but Saturday's move ensures they will not be misconstrued as official team stances.

Despite the news, Johnson will always be associated with the Lakers in the eyes of basketball fans. He played all 13 of his seasons with the team and reached the Hall of Fame as a five-time champion, 12-time All-Star, three-time MVP and leader of the Showtime Lakers, who used an uptempo style and transition approach to become one of the league's best in the 1980s.

Los Angeles is in rebuilding mode with young assets such as D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson as well as the No. 2 overall pick in June 23's draft, and the franchise will be hoping to build a roster that can replicate that success in the near...

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