Los Angeles Lakers: With a Little Help from My Fair-Weathered Friends

Though they share the same building, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are like night (during a Solar Eclipse) and day (on the Sun).

It’s difficult to find anything that the Clippers organization does that the Lakers organization doesn’t do better – maybe except getting high lottery picks. 

I’ll refrain from going down that list, though. 

Instead, allow me to discuss something the Clippers are actually “better” at, that in actuality is something that worsens the organization.  

Los Angeles Clippers fans pride themselves on being loyal to their organization, whether or not their team performs at a high level, and criticize their Laker counterparts for not doing the same. Laker fans are notorious for jumping on for the ride when times are good, but quickly fading away into the bushes once things begin to go awry. 

Though I find it cute—even inspiring—that “true” fans like Clippers fans can continue to watch and cheer on their team’s garbage product, I don’t like the management’s complacency that comes with a loyal fanbase.

To put it simply, if you run a business, and your product sells even when it’s a bad product, why bother making it better?

Donald Sterling does not hold onto star players, develop winning teams, or pay employees because he doesn’t have to—the fanbase will continue to buy tickets and support the team.

On the other hand, because Laker fans’ support comes with the success of the team, Laker management is forced to continually put out a great product.  No championships, means no fans, means no revenue.

So with a little help from our fair weathered fans, the Los Angeles Lakers can continue to rise to new heights.  To all Clipper fans—step it up and force management to commit to putting out a goo...

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