Los Angeles Lakers: Where Is the Problem with the “Superteam”?

The Los Angeles Lakers are not at the top of the Pacific Division. Yes, you heard that right.

Acquired a point guard that we have desperately needed for the past few seasons. Check. That point guard just happens to be Steve Nash, who has led division competitor the Phoenix Suns for years. He is simply one of the best in the league.

Andrew Bynum was a bit of a problem. Consistency is key. We shipped him off. Now, to replace him, we get the best center in the NBA. Double check. A rebounding king. An enforcer in the blocking game. An incredible defender.

We still miss the sixth man of Lamar Odom. Can we get a sixth man? Oh wait, we can add a veteran in Antawn Jamison, who had been leading the fleeting Cleveland Cavaliers still fuming at the loss of LeBron James. Check.

Re-sign a stud in Jordan Hill. Check. Bring in a three-point machine in Jodie Meeks. Check. Rookie Darius Morris can step up. Check.

So that should be a championship contending team right? Where have the Lakers gone wrong? They've assembled the ultimate arsenal of weapons, but do not seem to be able to win any major battles with them, despite the fact that they're fighting weaker enemies. They lost to the Sacramento Kings, who bring not knives, but sticks to this gun fight!

The Lakers thought Mike Brown was the problem and he may well have been, but this is something else.

The classic argument from a fan's perspective is the struggles of the Miami Heat at the beginning of their first year as a stacked competitor.

But there is something about this that seems off. The Lakers were always good out of the gate with Kobe Bryant leading the way. They got better. And now seem to only be able to barely squeak by their opponents day in and day out.

As a Lakers fan, I am used to wins. I am used to thrilling games. I expected this season to be so exciting, but it has not panned out.


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