Los Angeles Lakers: What the Lakers Need To Do To Turn Around the Season

With the All-Star weekend all but come and gone, the NBA's 30 teams will now shift their focus on the last stretch of the season. Of those 30 teams, there is one defending champion, the Los Angeles Lakers who, despite a 38-19 record, are sitting in third place in the Western Conference with more questions than answers.

Where's the determination to win? The determination to be the best team? Is Andrew Bynum the answer? Is this really the best the Lakers have to offer after two straight championship seasons? I don't believe so and I feel that the squad knows what needs to be done in order to, dare I say it, make them championship contenders again, but whether or not they will execute remains to be seen.

One of the problems that the Lakers have struggled to keep under wraps has been the turnovers. Currently averaging 13.4 a game, they are just a couple notches below the league average. It is no secret that one of the keys to winning any basketball game is to maintain the turnover battle and never let loose. Unfortunately the Lakers have had several miscues, misdirections and either tossed the ball away or cause a turnover from not paying attention to the simplest of things, and as such, the opponents take advantage and get points.

A key example would be during the recent game versus the Cavaliers, Blake passed it back to Gasol who apparently was going to pass to Odom, except Odom wasn't there, and the Laker bench was. Unfortunately, the bench isn't allowed to shoot the ball.

Another issue the Lakers must overcome if they want to make it to a fourth straight Finals is an inability to finish out games. Too many times this season, the Lakers are either tied or have a lead going into the fourth quarter, only to squander it with six minutes remaining and end up losing the game. You cannot expect to go into Dallas, San Antonio, Denver or Oklahoma City and just coast your way through. You must box out, get rebounds and add points to the score if yo...

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