Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets: The Inner Demons

The game could have been ours. The Lakers outscored Denver every quarter until the final five minutes of the fourth. My internet froze when the score was tied at 103. Once I got it back up, it had quickly changed to 105-114, Denver. What the hell?

But somehow, Kobe Bryant brought them back to within four after a driving layup and drawing a foul from the three. After Bryant missed a quick shot, the Lakers still had a chance when Brown rebounded the brick, but an ugly three by Artest and I knew this game was done.

What had happened in those three minutes that my internet was down? Well, researching the play-by-play, the one-word answer would be: Carmelo. The more detailed response would be six points by Carmelo Anthony in two minutes, a three from J.R. Smith to make it a 9-0 run. Add to that a turnover by Pau Gasol, two missed threes by Bryant and Brown, a loose ball foul by Artest and finally, a 16-footer from Arron Afflalo for the cherry on top.

Me: Typical Lakers.
Han: Actually, it’s more like typical Denver. They always play like it’s the Finals when they play against us. ALWAYS.

Every year, the Lakers have had problems with Denver. Last year, the Nuggets routed the Lakers with Billups leading the way with 39 points. Need I mention that 27 of those were threes and Anthony was injured? But I’m not too worried about the Lakers losing this game in Denver. It’s a rowdy city, and the mile-high arena tends to mess with players who just aren’t used to playing basketball in the Alps. We can’t win all 82 games, and I’m sure with the deficiency and lethargy in recent performances, this can only serve as the Ritalin to our attention-deficient players on the court.

But there is something else that’s been bothering me for the past few games.

The decreasing efficiency in Kobe’s shooting has some of us scratching our heads to the po...

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