Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony or Andrew Bynum?

It was recently reported that the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers have had initial discussions regarding a trade centered around Carmelo Anthony and Andrew Bynum. 

The purple and gold world went into a frenzy. Two sides, both with compelling questions and arguments, emerged. 

Can the Lakers afford to give up so much size? Won't Pau Gasol wear down without Bynum? Do the Lakers really need more scoring? Why alter a team without even giving it a chance to defend its championship?

How can you afford to pass on Melo? Doesn't Bynum's injury history concern you? Who will carry the mantle when Kobe decides to pass it on? Have you seen the team play the other top teams this year?

It seems that the Lakers brass themselves are not that interested in the trade and are big Bynum supporters. The Lakers stance could be a red herring, as could the rumor itself (in order to get some better offers for the Nuggets).

We can't even be sure that Anthony would sign an extension with the Lakers, which would need to happen for the Lakers to agree to a trade. 

They offer him a chance for championships and a large market, so I don't see why he wouldn't unless it was family related, but you never know. Personally, I think the team, as currently constructed, should be allowed a playoff run. They are the two time defending champions after all.

We won't really know if the Lakers are broken until the playoffs, so why fix them prematurely? 

I sincerely think that solely obtaining Melo at Bynum's expense would hurt their championship chances this year, but would help them in the future. I also couldn't complain if Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak felt obliged to jump at the prospect of obtaining someone of Anthony's stature without having to give up one of his two superstars.

I think every Laker fan appreciates what Ron Artest did for the team last year, especiall...

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