Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: 10 Small Forwards To Take Ron Artest’s Place

The Lakers front office has come out and said that the the World Champs may have to make a trade to shake things up a little bit and see if it will give the team that little extra spark that will allow the Lakers to get back to championship form.

Let's face it, the Lakers are primed to be eliminated rather quickly in the second round right now. No way they beat Dallas (their current match-up if the playoffs started today) even with home court advantage. Dirk would love to get his hands on the Lakers right now.

Phil has said this, Magic has said this and Dr. Buss has even made mention of this.

One man who has been seemingly unhappy all year and has now actually requested to be traded is Ron Artest.

Ron Artest said he would love to get out and go play somewhere that he can have fun playing again.

Sadly, Ron doesn't seem to have a contract that is really trade friendly. Frankly, it'd take a Chris Wallace out there to give the Lakers another gift to really move Ron Artest.

So I'm going to do ten trades that would get Ron Artest out of Los Angeles and a new, shiny small forward that would start in his place.

Because of Ron's contract and the players coming back I know these trades are going to be just about impossible to pull off and only a David Kahn and Chris Wallace being GM for the following teams would allow this to happen.

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