Los Angeles Lakers: The New ‘Bad Boys’ of NBA Basketball?

Maybe there is something in the weather? Maybe the true colors of these NBA bad boys (Artest, Barnes) are starting to seep through again? Maybe it's something about September that has the Lakers' new kids on the block getting into trouble.

First, Ron Artest having a run in with the Los Angeles Police Department and now Matt Barnes being arrested on alleged domestic violence may signify that the bad boys are back in LA.

Matt Barnes was arrested Wednesday afternoon, following an incomplete 911 call at around 4:15 PM.

When the Sacramento deputies arrived on the scene, both Barnes and his live-in girlfriend were questioned and both parties had visible physical injuries. Deputies had determined that Matt Barnes was the "aggressor" and placed him under arrest. Barnes quickly posted a $50,000 bond and was released around 9:40 PM. 

Apparently, Matt Barnes is a bully on and off the court.

Barnes will likely receive a stern suspension and fine from the Commissioner of the NBA, no pun intended. There were around five suspensions and fines in the month of August. Will Artest be fined for his fast and the furious race car incident?

Two legal issues in the past week are not the best of ways to start off the 2010-11 NBA season. Looking forward, will these offseason mishaps have any effects on the defending back-to-back NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers? 

The Lakers head coach (Phil Jackson) is known for giving players a book to read at the start of the season; will Barnes' book have something to do with domestic violence?

Los Angeles is now a stacked deck of trouble makers and bullies. 

I don't think anyone will refer to them as "soft" from this point on. The Lakers are scrappy, defensive minded, and willing to mix it up. Check out these clips—the proof is definitely in the pudding.

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