Los Angeles Lakers Still Govern the Throne With Decisive Victory Over Celtics

If you thought they weren't too villainous for the average franchise in the NBA, an unmatched team denied of defending their pride and reign and basically vulnerable to their imminent demise, well, the Lakers awakened to withdraw from the fiascoes.

The timeless calamity almost terrified the faithful in Hollywood, many of whom were scared for the Lakers, an elusive franchise in the NBA with a lackadaisical and inert mentality that has terrified a diverse community, in a territory where basketball is lauded and a large part of conventional aspects. And so after a lengthy week that contained rumors of trade talks, endless fuss heard all week, the Lakers sent a statement at perfect timing and affirmed to be championship-caliber.

It's fairly clear the Lakers still dominate the throne, shortly after rallying past their archenemies in a hostile territory, salvaging a substantial victory over one of the finest opponents in the league and lastly climbing over the Celtics ideal-like with a 92-86 win in a rematch Thursday night. Only the Lakers can endure plenty of scrutiny, engulfed in a midseason crisis that remains a mystery until the trade deadline comes to an end.

After all, with all the drama that has created a ruckus nowadays, it was inevitable to avoid the ongoing criticism with the Lakers. Before we ridicule the professional team in Los Angeles, which is pampered for stockpiling championship banners over the years with incredible history to polish in the league, the Lakers finally validated a title drive and rectified the struggles to some degree. The debate boils in regards of potential trades for Andrew Bynum in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, a boneheaded deal that would mean suicide for the Lakers and could even add to the hysteria, shakiness and disaster, even if the pursuit seems like a...

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