Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Blake Silences Internet Trolls, Shows He Is Clutch

Whether you like Steve Blake as a basketball player or not, there is absolutely no excuse for what several losers with no lives did after the Los Angeles Lakers' Game 2 loss when Blake missed a potential game-winning three-pointer in the dying seconds of the ball game.

Blake received death threats on his Twitter account toward not only him, but also his family following the game. 

This cowardly act exemplified a dark spot yet again in the social media revolution. Wishing harm to any person or their family is despicable and a sign of low IQ levels by the perpetrators. 

Steve Blake was unfazed, though.

After calling Lakers security for extra protection, Blake came in and dominated Game 3 off the bench.

Many people might've curled up in the fetal position and simply disappeared after receiving such heinous criticism after missing a shot that he should have taken. 

Not Blake.

He came in and was a major reason why the Lakers won the ball game. He scored 12 points and added eight rebounds, also hitting a huge three-pointer late in the fourth quarter to get the Lakers back into the game after falling behind by five.

Blake's performance showed that the trolls' actions on Twitter fell on deaf ears. He pretty much told everyone with his game play, "You could say whatever you want, you could do whatever you want, but that's not going to stop me from bringing my A-game and helping my team win."

Blake is demonstrating his ability to be clutch, more and more throughout this playoff season. 

In Game 4 of the first round, Blake hit a big-time three-pointer to seal a Lakers victory and give the team a 3-1 series lead. Then in Game 7, he scored 19 points and hit five three-pointers to lead the Lakers past the Denver Nuggets.

With today's heroics, this means that Blake has figured in three of the five Lakers playoff wins. The fact that he was abl...

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