Los Angeles Lakers Signing Greg Monroe Would Be the Wrong Move

Should the Los Angeles Lakers submit to the temptation of an offseason spending binge, recklessly liquidating their long-anticipated, much-needed cap space is one of many painful processes they must avoid. 

Chasing Detroit Pistons restricted free agent Greg Monroe qualifies as one of those money-wasting ventures.

Now that Stan Van Gundy has assumed control of the Pistons, Monroe is no longer considered vital to their future. Detroit is expected to move on, and according to Sporting News' Sean Deveney, the Lakers are one of multiple teams presumably interested in acquiring his services:

The Lakers are the other team most frequently mentioned among league executives when it comes to Monroe. If L.A. does not make any splashy moves around the draft, and if the Lakers are ready to concede that Carmelo Anthony is not coming, then they figure to target young, second-tier free agents—and Monroe is at the head of that list.

Head of the list?

That's scary. 

Strong cases can be made in favor of the Lakers going all-in on this offseason. Waiting for summer 2015, when they will have additional free-agency options, isn't the easiest decision to make with a 35-year-old Kobe Bryant wantonly pining for an immediate opportunity to win his sixth NBA championship.

For the better part of two decades, Bryant's wishes have been interpreted as edicts in Lakerland. Future, post-Bryant era in mind, Los Angeles may be forced to make certain concessions to remain competitive next season.

Monroe cannot be one of those trade-offs. There is no point in the Lakers offering obscene amounts of cash to a player who neither fits into their future plans nor brings Bryant any closer to procuring his sixth ring.


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