Los Angeles Lakers Should Consider Trading Andrew Bynum over Pau Gasol

The Los Angeles Lakers selected Andrew Bynum directly out of high school in the 2005 NBA Draft with the tenth-overall pick.

Initially, Bynum struggled with injuries—a dislocated left kneecap in 2008 and a torn MCL in his right knee in 2009—although he did finish that year helping the Lakers win the NBA Championship.

Bynum just finished his seventh NBA season averaging 18.7 points 11.8 rebounds per game while playing in 60 regular season games plus 12 playoff games, showing that, when healthy, he can dominate a game. He was also named an All-Star starter this year—one of many that could be on the horizon for Bynum.

At times, Bynum showed his immaturity by taking bad shots (shooting three-pointers) and by “checking out” of games that showed how important he was to the Lakers being successful. At the end of the day, Bynum is one of the top centers in the NBA due to his ability to score, rebound and defend the paint.

With the Lakers at an advantage with two seven-footers (the other being Pau Gasol), opposing defenses have to pick their poison as it is very difficult for both Bynum and Gasol to be stopped scoring as they crash the glass quite well.

It is interesting to note that Bynum does have a player option for next season that will pay him a little over $16M as he would be an unrestricted free agent in 2013, meaning that teams eyeing Bynum could be looking to clear some salary to offer up a decent-sized NBA contract.

Bynum is still only 24 years old, meaning that he has a lot of basketball left in him if he can stay injury-free. He has all of the potential on his side to become a great center, whether it is as a Laker or wearing some other uniform.

Will the Los Angeles Lakers part with Andrew Bynum over Gasol?

It appears only time will tell if this is going to happen or not.

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