Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Potential Free-Agent Signings and More

For the most part, the Los Angeles Lakers have avoided making major headlines throughout the 2014 offseason. It's true they've brought on big men such as Carlos Boozer and Julius Randle, and they've also hired Byron Scott as their head coach, but 2015 is when a monumental shift could occur, making anything that happens this summer small talk compared to what could happen next offseason.

All that said, L.A. isn't done making moves just yet. A quiet summer doesn't mean an uneventful one, and the Lakers are still involved in rumors with July nearly behind us.

Nobody expects the Lakers to shift the power balance of the league at this point in the offseason, but there are a handful of potential moves that could excite fans in Tinseltown. None of these moves will make the Lakers instant contenders, but any improvement from here on out can be considered a win, as improving upon 2013-14 is the ultimate goal for those who care about winning in Laker Land. 

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