Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: 8 Reasons Pau Gasol Is as Good as Gone This Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers experienced a second straight elimination in the Western Conference Semifinals this postseason, and as is expected the basketball world is reacting with it's usual level-headed, collected, logical thoughts. Yeah, right.

Most people that have any kind of thought on basketball-related topics seem to think that either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum will be shipped out of Los Angeles before the 2012-13 season even tips off.

However, as it seems right now, Pau Gasol is the more likely trade option. He's older, closer to the end of (or even past) his prime and would still bring enough back to make the Lakers visibly better.

There are plenty of reasons why Gasol is as good as gone right now in Los Angeles, so the big man might as well start packing up his bags and get some realtors on the line in a few select NBA cities.

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