Los Angeles Lakers: Predicting Each Game for Kobe Bryant and Lakers in February

The up and down ride called the Los Angeles Lakers continue their march (or is it stumble) toward destiny and a three-peat NBA title in June. The way January went for LA, many are questioning the Lakers ability to even make the Finals.

While January proved to be a better month for LA than December, it didn’t turn out as well as everyone hoped, nor as well as I predicted.

I had said the Lakers would go 13-2 but LA ended the month with two straight losses, including the loss to bitter rival Boston. So, the Lakers ended January 10-5.

January did display center Andrew Bynum’s return to near hundred percent after off-season knee surgery. The Lakers are much improved since Drew returned to the Laker starting lineup and LA’s record is indicative of his presence.

The other area that the Lakers got back some semblance of their former selves was on the defensive side of things. After the Christmas Day debacle against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of the newly formed Miami Heat, the Lakers Kobe Bryant practiced in late December into early January for the first time this season.

Along with coach Phil Jackson, Kobe had decided it was best for his surgically repaired knee to limit practice time. Until Christmas and the Miami Thrice. Kobe practiced two straight weeks with the team, beating up and challenging teammates to up their game.

The results speak for themselves as the Lakers improved in all areas in January. But, they did this against inferior teams, ones with poor records. We know those, the teams the Lakers are supposed to beat.

Oops. Except they lost to the Los Angeles Clippers and then the doggy downer of all year (so far), the loss this past Friday night to the Sacramento Kings at home. I repeat, at Staples.

February is a new month. But, these are the dog days of an NBA season and the marathon known as the 2010-2011 NBA season continues. LA will b...

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