Los Angeles Lakers: Possible Trade Options for Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol hasn't played up to his standards so far this season, and that's a huge underestimate. The popular belief is that Gasol is declining. But is that really true? How is it possible that the player who dominated Team USA in the London Olympics three months before the season started is suddenly "old" and "slow"?

The answer is that it's not possible. Gasol is clearly not being utilized correctly. He may have suffered through some knee tendinitis earlier in the season, but he's healthy now and his play still hasn't improved.

When Gasol's role on the Lakers' is to shoot threes, there's something wrong with the system, not him. It's even worse when everyone is surprised when he actually makes one. Watching him coast around the three-point line ready to fire a triple like Ryan Anderson makes me cry a little on the inside. 

Although Kobe Bryant has made it clear that Pau Gasol won't be traded as long as he's still there, you can't help but wonder if the Lakers' management would stick with the same players if this is still a sub .500 team.

Gasol isn't playing anywhere close to the level he was last season, yet he is the only valuable trade piece that the Lakers are willing to give up.

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