Los Angeles Laker’s Pau Gas-Ol Playing Like He’s Gassed: 3 Reasons Why

There are many reasons we can use to pinpoint Pau Gasol’s dull, vapid, lifeless performances on the court. 

But I have narrowed it to down three.

Three symptoms seem to consistently show themselves whenever Pau makes L.A. fans grit their teeth at the mention of his name. 

And this season, unfortunately, the Laker faithful have had multiple opportunities to diagnose Gasol.

In science, experiments are conducted in a laboratory using control samples. For metaphor’s sake, let’s  say that Pau has been the experiment and the many times he has, essentially, failed-to-perform-to-standard-levels on the the court are the control samples.

It all started in the 2008 Finals against Boston. This is when L.A. began to notice the other side of Pau.

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