Los Angeles Lakers: Matt Barnes Should Be Starting over Metta World Peace

Friday night the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings 115-107, improving their wins at home to 16.

After the game, Kobe Bryant addressed the media with a single answer about having a rival: “I didn’t have one.” The only question I couldn’t help but ask was:

Why isn’t Matt Barnes in the starting lineup?

While most times the best player is the starter, this isn’t the case.

Why? Its simple, have you seen the Lakers coaching staff? Their leader alone doesn’t even seem to know what he is doing.

If you disagree, let me just say this is the same guy who at the beginning of the season started Devin Ebanks in front of MWP and Barnes. That’s right—he started a second-year player over not one but two proven veteran players.

I remember watching the first game of the season and seeing Ebanks as the starter. I thought to myself, “Wow this kid really was nonexistent his rookie year, did he really impress the coaches that much?” This thought was the first time I gave Mike Brown the benefit of the doubt, and clearly he didn’t make me look good. Not only is Ebanks not starting anymore, he isn’t even the backup, and sweats more watching the game than he does playing it.

What I can't seem to understand is why defense is clearly more important to a coach who has a team filled with offensively talented players. Which begs the question, why was a culture change needed?

The other night against Minnesota, Rick Adelman was sitting on the wrong bench. For Minnesota, he has already proved his worth as a good coach and leader by matching last year's number of wins at the halfway point this year. If that wasn’t impressive enough, remember it’s a shortened season, and he didn’t have a training camp. I don’t think I have ever envied Minnesota more than I do now, for the simple fact th...

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