Los Angeles Lakers: Lakers Hold Off Phoenix Suns in Triple Overtime Thriller

What a thrilling game this was!

It took three overtimes to finally decide a winner between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns on Tuesday. The two teams scored 276 points before they were finally able to walk off the court.

Not that the game wasn't expected to be good.

The Suns are trying to grab a playoff spot and the Lakers are trying to secure the second seed in the Western Conference, but who knew it would be this good?

A thriller that only showcases itself once a season—how many times in the second half and over the first two overtimes did the fans think the Lakers had the game in their hands?

I know I thought they had it sealed a handful of times, but Steve Nash and the Suns just kept fighting back.

After being down 21 points in the third quarter, they managed to come back and tie the game to send it to overtime.

The Lakers held a three-point lead in the first overtime, but Lamar Odom's foul on Channing Frye with 1.1 seconds left would force a second overtime, when Frye hit three straight free throws.

The Suns took a two-point lead, late in the second overtime, but Pau Gasol responded to Frye's made free throws with two of his own. This time, with only 2.5 seconds remaining on the clock.

In my opinion, there should have also been a goaltending call made on the shot that Gasol took while he was fouled—but how will complaining help at this point?

Then came the third overtime.

With the Lakers down by two, Kobe Bryant came up with a huge three-pointer, before Ron Artest followed with a steal and a monstrous dunk, shifting the momentum to the Lakers' side.

This eventually proved to be enough and the Lakers were able to seal the victory after a hard-fought game from both sides.

Nash had an amazing game today.

He finished with 19 points, five rebounds and 20 ass...

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