Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant to Play in Turkey? Say It Ain’t so

According to recent reports from ESPN, Kobe Bryant is considering taking his talents to Turkey during the NBA lockout.

First, Deron Williams jumps ship to Turkey and now my favorite player in league is reportedly considering taking the leap of faith.

Say it ain't so, Kobe.

Bryant is my favorite player in the NBA. I would love to watch him play anywhere so long as it is here on American soil.

Largely, the American fans fill the arenas throughout an 82-game season and the lengthy playoff stretch.

From a fan's perspective, playing in Europe is a slap in the face to American fans like me who have supported the game with a combination of dollars and time.

It seems like one of the integral parts of the athletic equation (the fan) are slowly in the process of being duped.

If Bryant bolts to Turkey other stars will likely follow but I have a solution: What if the likes of Bryant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Dwight Howard combined their talents and resources to form their own league in America?

To me, it would make sense to show the suits of the NBA that the game truly belongs to the fans and the players.

There are plenty of venues where the games can be played, but more importantly, the players combined have both the financial resources and notoriety to draw loyal fans.

The league can be called the Basketball Players Association: A league owned by the players that's supported by the loyal fans who love the game.

Make sense?

Bryant now is in a position to truly leave a mark on the game of basketball by keeping his talents on American soil. Instead of bolting to Turkey, I think his efforts would be better served by forming a league here which will allow the loyal fans of America to still have basketball.

I think it would be wise for the players for once to not chase the money and opt for fan loyalty. I don't know abo...

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