Los Angeles Lakers: Is Amnesty Clause Key to Sign a Big Free Agent?

Many people are busy discussing the lockout and the possibility of the one time Amnesty Clause in which each team will get to waive a player and get their contract off the books. This may seem like a time in which many teams will benefit from getting rid of certain players, however, for a team like the Lakers, they may be able to pick up a very nice piece. 

First and foremost the team should look for a point guard.

If not a starter, perhaps someone to back up Derek Fisher for twenty five minutes a game. However, the big names that will likely come free during the Amnesty would most likely be guys like Gilbert Arenas and Baron Davis, who have major question marks about their ability to contribute in a positive way. 

While there’s no question a guy like Arenas can still put up shots, a team like the Lakers should look for a guy whose main concern would be to distribute the ball. An aging veteran like Baron Davis might be a good fit, if only the team was certain of his work ethic. However, it isn’t unlikely that a move to the Lakers would be an invigorating experience and get him back on the right track. 

Another big name the Lakers should definitely take a look at is Rashard Lewis. For as bad of a rep he has gotten in the league due to his massive contract, he is still worth somewhere around the Mid-Level Exception.

If the Lakers are able to sign Lewis for $5 Million a season, they would be in great shape for the new year. Of course he isn’t the point guard they need, but he would be fantastic as a spot up shooter to help stretch the defense. 

And even if the team fails to grab one of the big names from the Amnesty, look for them to pick up a useful player that perhaps other teams are overlooking, such as Beno Udrih, whose current contract is not particularly favorable at this point and could get waived by the Bucks. 

All in all, don’t expect ...

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