Los Angeles Lakers Honor Derek Fisher with Tribute Video

Derek Fisher returned to Los Angeles as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder last night.

Russell Westbrook led the Thunder to a 102-93 victory against the Lakers, but the night belonged to the other point guard, the 37-year-old backup who had won five rings with the Lakers before being traded at the deadline a few weeks ago.

It's always nice when organizations take time to recognize the efforts of former players who have since moved on, regardless of how the parting happened. The Lakers did right by Fisher last night, playing a lovely tribute video prior to the game while the crowd went absolutely nuts.

For anyone unsure of how Lakers fans feel about Fisher, this video lets you know. They might be falling all over themselves as they fall in love with Ramon Sessions right now, but they still have lots of love and appreciation for Fisher and all he's given the team over the years.

It was sweet, especially the shots of Fisher talking to the team in the huddle. While his impact and effectiveness on the floor have lessened over the years, his role as a leader in the locker room only increased with experience.

He'll be good for Oklahoma City by serving as a voice who has been there, and as another veteran to help steady a youthful, exuberant, athletic Thunder team. But it was nice to see the Lakers give him his due last night. It was also amazing to see the love they showed when he checked into the game off of the bench late in the first quarter.

Regardless of what you think of the basketball move, last night was a nice moment where a player was able to be celebrated in his return. If these two teams meet in the postseason, there will be a return, but it won't be as welcome.

It's nice that the schedule allowed for Fisher and the Los Angeles fans to have last night. 

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