Los Angeles Lakers: Dwight Howard Is as Good as Gone

While going through adversity ultimately uplifted one superteam two seasons ago, it's about to divide the Los Angeles Lakers more than injury, chemistry issues, coaching styles or the bloodthirsty media hounds that have circled around the team all year long ever did. 

Dwight Howard came to Los Angeles via trade last summer not by force of will, but because it offered a better opportunity for him than the status quo. 

As such, you may expect him to re-sign with the Lakers because, in spite of their spiraling championship aspirations, no other city or franchise would allow him to maximize his talents or celebrity profile as well. 

But ask yourself—if that were really the case with Dwight, why did he want to play for the Brooklyn Nets more so than the Los Angeles Lakers? 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for a fanbase that has been ravaged by it for months now, but everything that has transpired over this season is just a byproduct of why Dwight Howard will be as good as gone this summer. 

It's because he's not "the man," period. 

Going to Brooklyn would've offered the love-thirsty big man the two things he sought most—a bigger market and being the top gun.

And between Kobe Bryant being the deity he is in LA and no one having a clue when he will retire, the only two words synonymous with Howard's name in Lakerland for the foreseeable future are "second" and "fiddle."

Before you dismiss this as a plausible explanation, think about how this season has gone for Howard on a personal level. 

Even when his name was getting dragged through the mud last year for changing his mind about where he wanted to play, he was never ridiculed by teammates or needed his father to step in on his behalf. 

This year, contrarily, and for the first time in his career, Dwight Howard is beginning to experience ...

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