Los Angeles Lakers’ Defense Proves To Be a Good Sign Heading into the Playoffs

Just a couple of hours ago, the NBA world experienced possibly the most dominant regular season Laker performance not only this season, but in two seasons.

The final score of the game was 99-83, which is quite deceiving considering how the game really went.

The game was filled with great offensive sequences, players running into fans and big men making threes, but the most impressive aspect of the Lakers' performance had to be their defensive presence.

At halftime the score was 65-37 and no, this isn't a joke if you are wondering. One of the highest scoring teams in the NBA was held to a mere 37 points and though they ended up scoring 83 points, the first half was the deciding factor of the entire game.

For all Lakers' fans this was a great way to spend a Sunday evening, knowing that your team is still capable of not only blowing out a team, but blowing out a great team such as the Spurs.

Quite simply this was the Lakers' day; Ron Artest hit a couple outside jumpers, Pau Gasol hit his first three in two years, Fisher was playing like when he wore headbands and Matt Barnes had a solid performance off the bench.

Nothing could stop the Lakers today and hopefully this is a hint at the future of what is to come heading into the playoffs.

At the same time, the feeling of playing at full potential really has to make one wonder, "where has this been all year?" 

Maybe the Lakers were saving their energy for the postseason, or maybe injuries and trade rumors acted as major distractions; whatever it may be, this game will mark a significant change in the Lakers' mannerism.

Oh, let's also not forget Shannon Browns' high flying jam, whose hand was at one point higher than the top of the square on the backboard.

Lastly, lets all remember "San Antonio Bob" (as Jeff Van Gundy puts it) as he received his 15 minutes of fame spilling his "not very hot ...

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