Los Angeles Lakers Cutting Costs or Turning Their Back on the Phil Jackson Era?

For 11 seasons, we watched Phil Jackson coach a team through the heaviest of burdens and still manage to come away from the experience with an additional five rings to add to his repertoire, courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers.

When he announced that he would be retiring for good, I did not believe him.

I thought that it was a hoax. Then after much consideration and viewing the current situation that the Lakers’ lie in, I was swayed.

Jackson did not have another rebuilding session bone in his body. He was not going to endure the revival of the franchise well and made the right decision by bowing at this very moment.

Even though he had no thought that the Lakers’ season would end as it did, Jackson realized that his run with Kobe was coming to a stop.

That stop was not predicted to be as embarrassing or brash as a second-round sweep dismissal by the Dallas Mavericks. Still, I understand why he felt like right now was his time to walk away.

While everyone sits back and wonders when he will return, the Lakers’ organization seems to be operating to the contrary.

What was first viewed as a move to clear some financial space looks like an overhaul. The Lakers appear to be clearing out the past and making room for the present.

The 2011 Los Angeles Lakers better known as the beginning of the Mike Brown era.

When Mike Brown stepped onto the center stage as the new leading man in Hollywood’s most recent installment of “Coaches Gone Wrong,” I was a bit skeptical.

Saying a bit would be a sizable understatement. I was shell shocked.

Brown did handle LeBron James, which says a lot about his composure and character. He also brought forth a couple of 60-plus win seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Still, there must be something said about the fact that not only were his efforts not able to coax anymore stars to ...

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