Los Angeles Lakers: Can Andrew Bynum Top Howard as the Best Center in the NBA?

For the past few seasons, it has been a widely accepted fact that Dwight Howard was the best center in the league. It was an undeniable statement, and this year, once again, Howard has proved to be the best big man in the NBA.

But, Superman may finally land and pass the cape to a different center: Andrew Bynum, the Lakers big man has finally stayed healthy enough, and established himself among the league's best.

In fact, Bynum's 2012 performance has been so outstanding, Shaquille O'Neal has openly admitted that he believes that Bynum is better than Dwight Howard.

While Shaq is a well known "Howard-hater," the statement may not be as biased as one might think. The points that he makes are very true, making it reasonable to believe that Bynum is the best center in the NBA.

On offense, Bynum has blown Dwight away this season. While Dwight may be a more renounced dunker, his other moves in the paint are limited, whereas Bynum has a plethora of post moves to use down low.

Most impressively, Bynum pulled off a beautiful game-winner against Kevin Garnett of the Celtics. Watching the replay, the play somewhat resembles Kareem's sky hook, and if Bynum can master that shot, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Not only has Bynum passed Howard on the offensive end, but he did so while playing alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. While the entire Orlando offense is structured around Howard, the Lakers run their's through Kobe. Bynum is only the sidekick, yet still can be an unstoppable force at times.

The most glaring difference between the two is on the other end of the court. Andrew Bynum is a very strong defensive player. However, Dwight Howard is the best defensive player in the entire NBA. He has taken home the Defensive Player of the Year award for three years straight, and is looking, this season to make it four. 

While it would be ridiculous to ...

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