Los Angeles Lakers: Are They the Worst Championship Defending Team Ever?

As a lifelong Laker fan and season ticket holder, I'm disgusted.

The Lakers this season truly DO NOT care.

They don't care about us fans.

They don't care about Laker pride.

They don't care about the pride of a city that loves them.

All the Lakers care about these days is driving home in their Bentleys, diving into their Olympic-size swimming pools, and getting into bed with trashy wannabe-porn stars like Khloe Kardashian.

The Lakers have gone from two-time defending NBA Champions to the verge of being humiliated, beaten up, and swept out of the NBA Playoffs.

Though this isn't surprising, given that I had predicted such a fate throughout the season, I never expected the Lakers to lose and be comfortable with it.

No, I knew the Lakers were no longer talented enough or had enough heart to beat TRUE elite teams like the Miami Heat.  But I never would have guessed they were THIS bad.

Perhaps the Lakers have been spoiled.  Spoiled by ignorant, raving, freeloading, bandwagon front-running fans that don't know anything about the sport. 

It's these "fans" that have destroyed Lakerdom, not making the team take accountability in their failings, always making excuses for poor play, and making ridiculous claims like "Kobe is one of the top 10 players in NBA history!" that kill the competitive nature of our team.

It's not surprising these "fans" never felt robbed when the Lakers put in a half-arsed effort throughout the regular season.  They are NOT the ones supporting the team truly by paying for season tickets, going to the games, putting real MONEY where the mouth is. 

These "fans" just watch highlights on the Internet, buy maybe a bumper sticker which constitutes their entire contribution to the team for the whole season, and are only a "fan" after the Lakers win.

But at the heart of the matter is ...

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