Los Angeles Lakers: Are They Really in Trouble?

First there was the beat down on Christmas day by the Miami Heat.  Then there was the four game losing streak.  Then there were the embarrassing losses to the Memphis Grizzlies and the LOWLY Sacramento Kings, followed by a Sunday loss to hated rival Boston. 

As we approach the all-star break, people within the organization have started to question whether this Laker team is ready to three-peat.  Jerry West (Mr. Logo) has gone on record as saying the Lakers are getting a little long in the tooth to play great defense.  Mitch Kupchak has said a trade to shake things up is not out of the question.  Magic Johnson co-signed that idea.  Critics have pointed out the fact the Lakers are 9-9 against the NBA elite. 

What does all this mean?

Absolutely nothing. 

The Lakers are a veteran team that knows how to conserve energy and keep bodies fresh for the long playoff run ahead.  The Celtics went into the playoffs last year as a No. 4 seed and look how that turned out for them.  Quietly, the Lakers have the fifth best record in the NBA and aside from the San Antonio Spurs, no one in the Western Conference is a threat to their crown. 

The OKC Thunder are young and talented, but they're not ready to take down the two time defending NBA champs just yet.  The biggest opponent the Lakers have are themselves and there's four months to get it into gear.

I'm not just saying this because I'm a past president of Laker Nation, but the Los Angeles Lakers will win the 2011 NBA title and Kobe Bryant will tie Michael Jordan's total of six championships and two three-peats. 

It's all about Kobe Bryant.  You think a guy like that gets this close to realizing his hopes and dreams, just to let it slip away at the last second? 

Think again.  Kobe Bryant is Michael Jordan's equal. 

What would Mike d...

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