Los Angeles Lakers: Andrew Bynum Gets Caught Breaking the Law

Los Angels Lakers starting center Andrew Bynum flexes his stupidity muscle again. This time by parking in an open handicapped spot. 

Some people may brush this off as no big deal—but anybody that has a disability and uses that handicapped spot won't see it that way.  

Andrew Bynum isn't exactly the perfect specimen of physical health. He's only played one full season in six NBA seasons and hasn't scratched 70 games since but that still doesn't excuse his behavior.

Lakers fans around the globe know of Andrew's injuries as well as his immaturity, such as the flagrant foul he committed in 2009 on Gerald Wallace, severely hurting Wallace in the process. Most recently, he committed the flagrant fouls on Michael Beasley and the J.J. Barea. The latter got him suspended for the first five regular season games next season and fined $25,000.

I think we're all come to grips with the fact that Andrew Bynum isn't shaping up to be the player the Lakers thought he was going to be. 

10.5 PPG, 7.1 RPG aren't specular numbers and these numbers only get worst when we look at his career playoff numbers (8.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG.)

However, all hope isn't lost for the young 23-year-old. If he can manage to stay healthy and take some serious time his offseason to work on his game he can turn it around.

But that's a big if.

He's shown us nothing to let us believe that he will take that step and take his career to the next level. Parking in an open handicap spot isn't going to send Andrew Bynum to jail, but it isn't going to win him any fans either. 

Is Andrew Bynum at his peak? Or can he still realize his full potential?

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