Los Angeles Lakers: An Open Letter To Lakers Owner Dr. Jerry Buss


Dear Jerry:

Having had the pleasure of knowing you down through the years, I know how competitive your juices flow. For this reason, I can't imagine you're very happy with the way your Laker team is playing this year.

You're the greatest owner any sport has ever had, and it's because you've always had the smarts, and the luck of the draw, to make the right moves to keep your LA Laker franchise at the top of the NBA heap.

However, as things now stand, if you think this year's Laker edition can win another title playing like it is, you better think again. 

I KNOW you're probably very pissed about getting beat so badly, so often, by arguably inferior teams, but without panicking, could it be that you need to do something to shake up this team?

After all, what defending NBA champion, that you can remember, keeps getting shellacked, and embarrassed by sub-.500 teams? 

I can see losing, but getting consistently blown out by bad to mediocre teams tells me that something must be radically wrong within the Laker locker room.

Another serious concern of yours has to be the losses (18) that are mounting up.  You know this is a HUGE issue because without home court advantage your Lakers could have a serious problem come playoff time.,

Without the home court advantage in the Finals against Boston last year, most believe you don't win the NBA title.

Looking at the make-up of this team, the fact is, you don't have ONE, dependable, perimeter shooter that you can count on to hit the outside shot, and keep the defenses honest.

Sure, Matt Barnes will help when he returns, but the inability to knock down shots from the perimeter is definitely hurting your team. 

As an example, the Laker perimeter...

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