Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Myths Dispelled by Steve Nash Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers were on the precipice of disarray ever since succumbing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Semifinals. That is, until Mitch Kupchak jilted the NBA landscape on Wednesday by pulling the trigger on a sign-and-trade for two-time league MVP point guard, Steve Nash.

Kupchak, using the same tricks that landed All-Star Pau Gasol for warm NBA bodies in 2008, corralled Nash from the Phoenix Suns for a pu pu platter of worthless draft picks to be made between 2013 and 2017. 

Flying out the door with those picks are a few lies, half-truths, or straight misperceptions about the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers and their position within the Western Conference. 

Though Nash's grand arrival has brightened the 2013 Laker prognosis, some entrenched ideas are still holding ground in the collective psyche of Lakers observers.

I am here to break down some now outdated myths about the Los Angeles Lakers, and in their place, offer some fresh insights into the organization's status.

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