Los Angeles Lakers’ 2016 NBA Trade-Deadline Strategy Blueprint

It is no secret the Los Angeles Lakers have been in rebuilding mode for years now, and their annual losses have consistently increased during the process. In theory, the trade deadline could offer an opportunity to get the team moving again in the right direction.

But the very nature of L.A.’s reconstruction process makes improvement, right here and now, a Catch-22 situation. The best part of the roster skews heavily toward young players whose worth far exceeds their rookie contracts.

There’s not much point in exchanging exciting next-generation Lakers like Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle for established veterans more than halfway through a historically bad season, when there’s little left for the team to do but try and hang onto their top-three-protected draft pick in June.

There are, of course, some expendable Lakers and/or expiring contracts that could be put to better use. But these are not players who are particularly high on other teams' wish lists.

In recent weeks, we have covered players who may be on the block, speculative deals and issues the team faces. Now it’s time to cap it all off with realistic strategies the team must employ, if in fact, there are any actual triggers to pull.


Adding up the Assets

In order to execute a trade, L.A. has to have something to offer. As mentioned above, the youth brigade is likely off limits, and that should also include promising prospects like Larry Nance Jr., Anthony Brown and Tarik Black.

With the retiring Kobe Bryant clearly off the table, what’s left? Not all that much, really.

As Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders recently wrote: “The Lakers are said to be open to trading guard Nick Young and center Roy Hibbert, but neither seems overly attractive on the trade front, especially if the Lakers have to take on salary that runs i...

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