Los Angeles Lakers’ 2015 Trade-Deadline Shopping List

In the NBA's current climate, free agents cherry-pick destinations where they believe their presence makes their new teams instant title contenders.

As presently constructed, the Los Angeles Lakers are just not an appealing option, regardless of the market, lifestyle, weather, etc. In order to improve the roster to the point of drawing interest from max-level stars, the organization needs to take some big swings and hope they connect.

That means targeting players in trades with high upside but low enough value that the Lakers can acquire them without juicy assets they don't possess—in other words, players who come with major risks attached.

Sometimes teams give up on talented players too early, whether it's because the guy has not yet fully matured or the fit is just not there.

We've seen players like Kyle Lowry, Monta Ellis and Rudy Gay thrive in their new surroundings after being written off in their previous situations.

Other times a guy just has to stay healthy. Remember when Stephen Curry's ankles were made of papier-mache? Or when Kevin Love's body wasn't in shape to make it through a full season?

Buying low on a player can pay big dividends for a team. It may also come out to nothing, but if the Lakers want to get back to competing for titles, they need to start making their own luck.

Here are five players L.A. can take a chance on by trading for them at the deadline.

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