Los Angeles Lakers: 15 Crazy Blockbuster Trades That Might Help Save the Team

Unless you have been living on another planet for the last month, you know that the Lakers were embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Lakers looked very old and tired on the basketball court. There was barely any production from the point guard position on both ends of the court throughout the entire season, and the Lakers lacked a bona fide scorer from the perimeter to help out Kobe Bryant throughout the entire year.

With that being said, the Lakers may need some help from other teams to help fix these problems. Here are 15 crazy, blockbuster trade ideas that could help save the Lakers and keep them in contention for more championships over the next few years.

There are some players on this list who will become free agents after this year, so, for the sake of the article, we will pretend that these players are being traded via the sign-and-trade. Also, I have made sure that the salaries of the players both teams are exchanging are close to one another.


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