Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Teams Phil Jackson Might Join If He Coaches Again

Los Angeles Lakers' coach Phil Jackson has done this before.

I'm talking about the Zen Master's frequent threats to retire from coaching. Once, he followed through and retired. The next time, he vowed to retire and proceeded to sign a new contract two days later. Then, after winning his 11th title last year, he announced that he wouldn't be back for 2010-2011.

Guess what? He signed on for one more year.

Should we really believe that Phil is going to ride off into the Montana sunset at the end of this Laker season, or is history an accurate barometer that he'll be back?

This truly might be the end for Jackson, but that coaching bug will certainly hit him shortly into retirement.

If Phil Jackson retires, then flirts with a comeback to the bench, here are 10 teams he might consider joining. 

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