Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Reasons They’re Still the Most Dangerous Team in West

It’s obvious to anyone that the Los Angeles Lakers are a different team this year. They have fallen back in line with the rest of the pack in the Western Conference and, more than likely, won’t even finish with that conference’s best record.

The two-time defending champs have lost some of that championship swagger and their aura of invincibility.

It will remain to be seen if they can get that mojo back in the second half of the season.

But no matter where LA ends the regular season, this is still a dangerous team, this year more than ever. 

They are like some old dog whose time you think has come. You know, the kind you can walk by and it doesn’t wake up. You think it might actually be time to put it down.

Well, the way many NBA followers seem to believe, the Lakers are that old dog. They are written off. Their time is done. LA won’t win it all. Kobe Bryant is old.

The bottom line of any of those storylines is that the Lakers are cooked. Stick a fork in them.

But, you’re messing with that old, dangerous dog. And, just because they look old doesn’t mean they can’t still bite. 

No, the Lakers can still kill you, and they are still quite capable of cutting your throat.

This is why they are the league’s most dangerous team. And, here are the 10 reasons why.

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