Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Reasons the Spurs Will Fall To Them in the Playoffs

With only one football game left remaining, we've officially reached the point where the casual NBA fan will take a glance at the standings and realize there are only 36 games left before he or she really starts to care.

For NBA die-hards like myself, we've been monitoring the standings on a daily basis since day 1 and when we take a look at the Western Conference standings, we see a couple of familiar faces at the top.

The San Antonio Spurs sit atop the West with a league leading 39-7 mark, on pace for nearly 70 wins. The number two seed is currently occupied by the Los Angeles Lakers at 33-13, a semi-distant 6 games out of first place.

Along with overall team health, home court advantage throughout the playoffs (particularly in the Finals) is perhaps the most important factor when determining why only one team is able to secure the necessary 16 wins it takes to win a championship over a two month span every spring.

How important is home court advantage?  Look no further than last year's NBA Finals, do you think the Lakers enjoyed playing games 6 and 7 in the Staples Center instead of Boston? 

With that in mind, let's take a look at the top 10 reasons why the Spurs will still fall to the Lakers in the playoffs despite their current home court advantage.  

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